Aspects which can cause the growth of exports

That globalization is more than settled in Europe and in most places of the world is a fact. Most companies are forced to sales their goods and services in foreign markets if they do not want to be isolated from their market and that is also an interesting way to improve ROI (return on investment). However, and in spite of describing this scenario, there are still a number of factors that prevent the growth of exports, or in other words, factors that can cause the pace to slow down.

Most common mistakes of companies when exporting products

  • Use of the same policies for national distribution as foreign trades. For us, the most common error. Outside, consumers have another behavior, and consequently, other preferences. Moreover, we should know the regulations and legal conditions of each country of destination.
  • Lack of advice and support in the first steps of export. Although it may seem strange, it is common for companies that want to bet on the growth of exports, do not have a partner to accompany them along the way.
  • Reduced export volume compared to other small European companies. The volume of exports influences the measurement of growth, and in this sense, Spanish SMEs move a smaller volume at the moment.
  • Attitude and lack of belief in the export. We still have companies that do not believe in exports and in this model as a strategic bet for growth.

For our part, the BCN Euroexpress team is committed to the growth of exports and that is why we give the maximum support in terms of land transport service.

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