Indications on the maximum permissible weight for trucks

When we are moving goods by road from one point to another point, there are a series of rules on safety and weight that must be fulfilled by all the interlocutors that are part of this niche in the transport sector. Many companies are those that make use of road transport, and therefore, are directly and indirectly affected by the standards set by the European Economic Community.

The maximum weight authorized for trucks includes certain parameters such as the weight of the vehicle itself, driver, travel, equipment and of course, the merchandise contained in said truck. There are the categories M, N and O depending on a series of conditions.

Limits on the authorized weight for trucks

In Spain, the maximum weight allowed is dependent on the total allowed mass of the MMA vehicle. Therefore, it is a variable factor and dependent on each case. Formerly, it had the name of PMA; maximum authorized weight. But it was updated by the MMA, total authorized mass.

Difference for rigid trucks and trailers

  • In the case of rigid trucks. If the truck has 2.3 or 4 axles the weight is conditioned to the tonnage being 18 to 25, 26 to 31 and 32 respectively. Although there are exceptions if the truck has alternative fuel.
  • In the case of trailers. 24 tons are allowed for three axes, 18 for two axles.

We can emphasize that anyone who fails to comply with these regulations is subject to important sanctions by the Administration.

BCN Euroexpress, as a company specializing in land transport services is aware of all these regulations and possible updates that are carried out in the nearest future.

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