Is the emergence of smart trucks still a utopia?

That the land transport and logistics sector is characterized by its dynamism, ability to adapt to current times and its changing environment is a question that has little to discuss. It is the reality that many actors in this sector have to live with and they have no choice but to recognize if they want to continue growing and develop their activities in the medium and long term. Already in some other occasion, we have been talking about the term “smart trucks”. Do we really know what they are? Is there still a long way to go to see the situation of autonomous trucks? It’s possible?

The concept of intelligent trucks has taken its first steps where a well-known manufacturer of the automotive industry has presented a model where you can carry out activities of transit of the goods without the need of a driver or cabin, as it would mount and disassemble the boxes. This would be linked to a “coordinating” center where the human factor would continue to be present as a tracking, tracking and control of the route that this truck makes.

Is it a situation that we will soon see in road transport?

There are still many years to come to this situation. This project that we have mentioned is in the development phase, which indicates that it has to go through a supervision, testing in real environment and then its commercialization in the market.

What is the advantage of the possible emergence of smart trucks today?

Now, the companies that offer land transportation services are very concerned about the tracking and control of the merchandise, control of the quality standards and to comply with the service agreed with the client. In other words, now companies are much more concerned than before to satisfy the customer and make them see that the human factor is still important in the performance of the transit of the merchandise. to destination

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