Zal Port de Barcelona, gateway to southern Europe of merchandise from Morocco

The Zal Port of Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the main economic centers of the country, having an area of ​​influence that exceeds the Spanish geographical limits. One of its main advantages is that it is located in an ideal location as the southern gateway to Europe for merchandise traffic with Morocco.

It is more than evident that the relations between the European Union and Morocco prosper positively. This has generated that in recent years an attractive framework has been created for companies that want to carry out commercial operations.

Due to its strategic natural conditions, the Zal Port of Barcelona has become the main intermediary between exports and imports between Europe and Morocco. And it is that its natural geographical condition makes it possible to offer an immediate and efficient coverage that does not exceed 24 hours of transit.

This is an added value that in BCN Euroexpress, we can pass on to our customers, not only due to the natural conditions of the Zal port of Barcelona, ​​but also because we have one of the most important logistics platforms in Spain near this environment.

What are the factors that make the Zal Port of Barcelona an ideal setting for trade between Europe and Morocco?

The Zal of the Port of Barcelona is not the most important logistic reference of the Mediterranean by chance, and is that several factors that make it an ideal nucleus of business attraction. Some of the causes are:

• Large logistics supply: exactly the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, which causes the emergence of economies of scale. This makes it possible that in their core of attraction they can operate more efficiently than in other places.
• El Prat International Airport adjacent to the Port of Barcelona. Just 2 km away, the ZAL of Barcelona has a booming air cargo center with great potential.
• Extensive road network that makes it possible to communicate in less than 24 hours with the peninsula and with the main European logistics hubs.
• Railway for the transport of goods.
• Cutting-edge technology that facilitates the communication of exporting companies with importers.

In short, land transport could be said that the Zal Port of Barcelona, ​​not only is a reference in the transit of goods between Europe and Morocco, but also is a meeting point for companies from different sectors and complementary that generate great synergies and wealth to the whole of the economy.

The position of BCN Euroexpress is a competitive advantage and that customers see translated into the ground transportation service.

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