Shipment of pallets in the land transport.

The shipment of pallets by road is one of the most common methods in the land transport over long distances, after parcel and courier services. That is why, having an agile and efficient logistics company is key in the distribution chain of any organization.

But, do we know what a pallet is and the importance of its use in the transport of merchandise by road?

What is a pallet?

A pallet is the horizontal platform that allows grouping merchandise. There are different types, but generally, the most used are wood. The pallets are mainly used to facilitate the transport of goods through forklifts.

Benefits of shipment of pallets to companies.

Undoubtedly, the shipment of pallets provides benefits for companies that must take into account when sending goods, whether their destination is national or international. Let’s see them:

1. Economic. Since palletized merchandise does not require just maintenance, optimizing the supply chain by saving processes.
2. Security. The shipment of pallets in the transport of goods offers the customer a safety bonus. The reason is that properly palletized goods do not usually suffer damage, falls or crashes during transport. In addition, it reduces maintenance and distribution processes.
3. Shipment tracking. It facilitates knowing your location, since the load goes entirely in a single truck.
4. Agility. Greater speed in the delivery times due to the reduction of time in merchandise handling.
5. Standardization. The standardization of the measures of the pallets causes that in the companies of transport we can work efficiently and effectively, being able to make the most of the available space. Something that can undoubtedly affect the prices of transport.
6. Resistant. Being made of a resistant material, the pallets can be used for years without reducing their functionality in the transport of goods.
7. Responsible with the environment. They are materials that, once their useful life is finished, are easily recycled.

The shipment of palletized goods: an efficient way of the land transport.

So diverse are the forms of land transport, as the needs of the customers. Opting for one way or another may depend to a large extent on several factors.

In short, the shipment of pallets is one of the most used transport models currently for its efficiency, efficiency and security throughout the operation. Having a company to advise you at all times on the type of transport to use and the state in which the goods must be sent, is always an added value and confidence for the customer.

In BCN Euroexpress the shipment of pallets is one of our specialties within the road transport by road between Europe and Morocco. Our constant improvement in terms of customer service is always one of our concerns.

If you are considering shipping pallets between Europe and Morocco, you are concerned about the delivery times and security of the goods, ask us!

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