Choosing the best geographic market to export

Today, thanks to globalization, many countries choose to internationalize, thus covering a growing market and valuing opportunities abroad.

Although, there are many advantages that companies obtain with these transactions, it is necessary to value a series of points for choosing the best geographic market to export.


  1. Problems with the foreign language: having the best contacts in the country to which we are going to export becomes indispensable especially if the same language is not spoken as in the country of origin.
  2. Legislation: before internationalisation, we must have in mind that each place has its own laws on trade, it is possible that there are numerous barriers to the entry of non-national companies.
  3. Purchasing power: if you offer a product that generates expectation, it is easier for it to be marketed abroad, but the purchasing power of the product must be taken into account. This can be analysed by consulting purchasing power, which gives data on the production of goods, the level of prices and the evolution of the country’s currency exchange rate.
  4. Situation of economics: it is necessary to study if the country to which you are going to go is in a good economic situation, not only is important that your products are demanded in the place of destiny, also it is necessary to consider if the country enjoys stability and if it has a growthing path in the future.
  5. High or low competition: if you know your target foreign market well, you should pay attention to the level of existing competitors. Competition will have greater advantages  within their borders, so it is necessary to find a market that is no longer mature and with a medium / low level of competitors.

In BCN Euroexpress we believe in the internationalization and the transport of goods with other countries, for that reason we put to the disposition of the client a clear and defined answer attending to the country, the type of merchandise and the volume of the same one.

In addition, we have a specialized group of correspondents spread across the areas of greatest influence to generate solutions and personalized advice for our customers.

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