How to avoid losses and deterioration of goods

It is true that before and during the transport of goods, especially those that need special treatment, situations may generate alterations in them. Therefore, we would like to name some actions that must be taken into account in order to avoid losses and deterioration of goods.

-Proper handling: this step, which may seem obvious, is one of the most important, since both on arrival and at the time of transport have to take concerns to avoid damage, always ensuring that the goods are received in their optimum condition at the destination.
-Storage: the conditions in which the trucks are found must be the best possible during the trip, the way of loading and the storage system is also essential.
-Mechanics of packing and distribution in the space: with this point we refer to the best way of placing the load. It is necessary to take into account the physical and conservation conditions of the products, even in the event of a loss, to ensure that there are as few losses as possible.
-Good traceability: the tracking is the existence of a system that in real time will help the tracking at all times ensuring that the goods are controlled until they reach their recipient.

From BCN Euroexpress, not only we try that there are no losses and deterioration of goods during the execution of the transport, but we have a monitoring and control system to ensure that the goods always arrive in the best conditions at their destination.

Whatever the profile of the client and the geographic market in which it operates, it is essential to reduce risks and that the transport service is translated into guarantees of reliability and quality.

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