What is automation?

When we speak of automation in warehouses, we refer to the set of automatic processes carried out by machines, within an industry or sector. There are many robots programmed to do the typical operations focused on the supply chain with more efficient way to the methods used in the past, reducing the maneuver time considerably.

Processes such as order preparation have been automated to gain efficiency in the set of logistics operations developed by the human team, optimizing tasks such as picking or preparation of delivery notes. Through collaborative processes between professionals and technology, it is also possible to eliminate the workload that does not add value.

The companies with logistical needs a service that is capable of attending to the urgent and critical needs. Therefore, warehouse automation is a good solution for this.

Automation as part of logistics

The logistics sector evolves over the years, and therefore, it is increasingly common to use alternative methods to always seek to streamline certain procedures that may be more repetitive for the human being and at the same time slow to perform.

Automation in warehouses is increasingly extended, and also covers other processes such as artificial intelligence and the collection and analysis of massive data, while simultaneously optimizing physical and digital processes in the same way. In addition, these new tools that have been implemented give the possibility of knowing a greater volume of information on time, to be able to act more quickly if any unforeseen event arises.

From BCN Euroexpress, we know the importance of automation in warehouses in the world of logistics in particular, so we work every day with the best technological means in order to manage operations more quickly and effectively, and thus, adapt to the needs of our customers.

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