The importance of data analysis in logistics

Nowadays, we are in a world that is continously interconnected in many ways, sectors as relevant as the logistics want to join this digital revolution. Therefore, we want to highlight the importance of data analysis in logistics. The handling of a large volume of figures and information, serves as support for departments such as sales or storage, which are nourished by these that serve as a key point for the optimization of transport operations.

The interpretation of data as an essential part in logistics processes

References such as the deliveries made, the periods of stoppage of the activity or the quantity of goods transported, in addition to the optimization of routes and the tracking of shipments, favor to improve the efficiency of the company, since having this quantifiable information of interest future measures can be taken that help in the daily activity and the improvement of the performance of all the members.

The best way to establish data analysis in logistics so that it becomes a competitive advantage arises when designing a chain of processes that offers the possibility of gathering useful and measurable information.

For example, in the ground transportation service, the peak hours in the transport of goods by road, the routes most recommendable and the most efficient trucks. To get to store these data, mechanisms for tracking and tracking merchandise in their operations must be put in place.

It is expected that in the next few years most companies will increasingly adopt automation on a day-to-day basis in order to manage their operations more quickly and efficiently, to adapt to the needs of customers, which are increasingly demanding.

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