About BCN

In BCN Euroexpress acknowledge the great importance of the logistic and freight services in the actual context. And for this, integrating appropriately the ground transport in any organization is conditioning factor of success.

Our key strength lies in offering a road freight service connecting Europe’s main areas with efficiency and effectiveness. Resources, infrastructures and team of experts essential for us to comply with our road transport plan. BCN Euroexpress searches beyond competitive rates and potential routes.

Our main add value to be different in the sector is to make things simple. In definitive, we believe in dynamism, transparency and agility to provide multiple road freight solutions for our customers.

01. Mission and Vision of BCN Euroexpress

At Bcn Euroexpress we do it the right way. After more than 100 years of experience in this sector, we still make it possible thanks to our customers. Beside, we like having a clear and loyal orientation for the future. We are one of the most important companies in the ground transport.

02. Values of BCN Euroexpress

The possibility of offering a complete ground freight service only is possible to take into account our corporative values. Values of BCN Euro Express allow us to keep relationships with our customers. Commitment, flexibility and passion for accepting challenges will guide us on our way at all times.

03. Eco-awereness is our commitment

Normativa Euro 5 y Euro 6

To be eco-aware is another key value that defines us in BCN Euroexpress. Offering a great quality land transportation means providing a land transport service committed to our environment. For this reason we ensure compliance with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions standards. Furthermore, we provide double deck shuttles.


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