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The Austrian market depends to a large extent on imports. Its economy based on chemical products, vehicle spare parts, combustion engines, etc … makes the economies around it are quite frequent business partners. In any case, relations with Spain have been increasing in recent years.

With weekly departures every Friday, both in import and export, we offer a freight service with Austria through its Vienna terminal. Also as specialists in ADR, we manage those materials that require special treatment.

It is a country, because of its strategic position, Central European and also has a favorable future as regards its exports.

Aspects of our freight transport with Germany.

Weekly departures from Spain

We connect with the main terminal in Vienna every Friday of the week.

Advice for transportation and tracking

Our team with the German market gives the best advice for your merchandise as well as an exhaustive control.

Weekly imports from Austria

From Austria we offer a weekly frequency every Friday with connections to the different terminals in Spain.

Solid experience in the Austrian market

We are aware of the needs demanded by the Austrian market. A very peculiar position to be in the center of Europe and many neighboring countries.

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