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The Baltic countries are on a growth path where increasingly, manage goods through road transport with Spain. Therefore, from BCN Euroexpress we offer a regular line within our freight transport with the Baltic countries, being Lithuania the epicenter where we distribute the merchandise to the rest of nearby countries.

Why Lithuania? The country has shown a great capacity to adapt to the changes that have taken place in recent years and growth expectations that continue to rise. Thanks to our partners in these areas, we offer a service with a series of differential advantages.

Aspects of our freight transport with Baltic countries.

Own fleet

This aspect allows us to meet the agreed deadlines and destinations.

Specialist in the market

Market specialists that reduce time in Customs. Accompanied by an advice at all times.

Deliveries in short transit-time

We have the capacity for delivering in 24 hours to Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Adapted to the textile sector

Ideal service for companies in the textile sector due to the high replacement.

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