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Czech Republic and Slovakia have been an important business fabric for several years now. Both countries have good macroeconomic ratios and employment generation. This causes that foreign investment has exposed this focus in channeling the transport of goods and merchandise. Not only in neighboring countries such as Germany or Poland, but also in Spain where the weight of exports and imports has increased, especially since the fall of the former Czechoslovakia.

In BCN Euroexpress, we provide a freight transport with Czech Republic and Slovakia with a weekly regularity that allows our customers to have the availability of both export and import routes, fulfilling a transit time of between 3 and 4 days.

Aspects of our freight transport with Czech Republic and Slovakia

Special attention and 24/7

We have the ability for managing shipments with this market providing personalized attention and fully agile at any time.

Tracking of your shipments and control

Our team with the Czech and Slovak market gives the best advice for your merchandise as well as an exhaustive control.

Weekly connections for import and export

We make departures every Tuesday and Friday for exports. And for imports every Friday.

Transit time of 4 days

Depending on certain operational issues, we guarantee delivery in less than 96 hours.

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