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This small Scandinavian country due to its strategic position becomes an interesting destination for trade and with many possibilities that can benefit many. In addition, it has a favorable climate to settle all types of business and commercial operations, high technological level and good communication system with abroad.

BCN Euroexpress has connection with the main enclaves of the country such as Herning and Greeve. We offer a freight service with Denmark with additional ADR merchandise coverage as specialists in this field.

Aspects of our freight transport with Denmark.

Weekly departures from Spain

Starting from our terminal in Barcelona, all the diligence will be done so that the goods are on time reaching the main destinations within Denmark.

Online tracking service and support

For a higher reliability and reassurance for the client, we track the good’s journey from start to finish.

Weekly frequency for imports

Every Friday the necessary operations are carried out so that the products are sent to import from the European country and enter Spain in a timely manner.

Compliance with the transit-time

We have connections with the most relevant points and weekly departures / arrivals that minimize traffic times to the maximum.

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