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Finnish citizens have a high purchasing power and demand products from European countries with increasing frequency, which allows communications with the main suppliers. Currently the Spanish company could find opportunities in the Finnish market in the food sectors or fashion and clothing and footwear and in sectors related to the technology industry.

From BCN Euroexpress we have a freight transport with Finland. Attending to the characteristics of the destination country, flexible and efficient in its terrestrial modality for each and every one of our clients exclusively to solve their needs.

Aspects of our freight transport with Finland.

Ideal Transit Times

In a maximum of 96 hours we guarantee that the shipments will arrive in their optimal conditions and in the estimated time taking into account their characteristics.

Tracking service

Through our service of control and monitoring of the goods you can know the status.

Regular departures from Finland

Weekly departures are made from Finland to reach our facilities in Barcelona. It is important to comply with the transit time.

Wide knowledge in finnish market

We know the most relevant sectors for each market and we have the most qualified agents to give you direct advice.

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