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BCN Euroexpress and its team of professionals are experts in the transport of goods with Italy. We are aware of the commercial ties that exist between Spain and Italy for several decades for countless references of products and industries.

In this geographic market we have the ability to distribute to the customer’s door in any population zone of Italy. In addition, as specialists in ADR, we cover goods of this nature with a special treatment.

Aspects of our freight transport with Italy.

Daily departures from Spain to Italy

With the exception of Wednesdays, we can operate with the main areas of Italy departing on any day of the week.

Online tracking service and support

We offer the maximum reliability for the expedition during all the transit until arrival at destination.

Weekly departures from Italy for imports

We manage from Italy on Mondays and Thursdays, offering a regularity in the service.

Weekly import service from Milan to Seville

We have our own line with departure every Friday and a transit time to Seville for 3 days.

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