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BCN Euroexpress team is perfectly aware that there are a number of countries that, due to their geographical position and historical tendency, have a personalized service and on demand. In other words, we offer the customer a 100% response tailored to the volume, destination and type of merchandise.

The group of countries to which we refer are: Albania, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Arzebaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Taijikistan, etc …

The freight transport with other markets does not stop being another important service within the groupage and we must take into account within the exclusive network of partners throughout Europe and part of Asia.

Aspects of our freight transport with other markets.

Agile response

We offer an agile and flexible personalized attention according to the client’s request.

Customized solutions

We listen to the client’s need so that it can be solved with the greatest efficiency and agility.

Tracking and control of expeditions

We know the importance of ensuring a perfect tracking and control of the merchandise.

Operations in export and import

Whether it is an export or import traffic, we give the advice that the client needs.

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