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Poland, is a perfect destination to export. A place open to foreign trade, which represents more than 96% of GDP (World Bank, 2015). The geographical location of Poland gives it strategic importance. It is located halfway between Paris and Moscow and between Stockholm and Budapest.

BCN Euroexpress offers a good freight service with Poland which it combines the best infrastructure, the most suitable tools and an expert staff.

Aspects of our freight transport with Poland.

Exclusive distribution network in Poland

This allows us to reach the customer’s home anywhere in Poland in a fluid and reliable transit.

Tracking and control service of the merchandise

With the option of online delivery tests. This generates reliability and security in the service.

Advice of experts in Poland

What generates an added value to a market where it is important to export in good hands.

Adaptability to any type of merchandise

Our vehicles has a great capacity for transporting standard shipments, special requirements and oversized merchandise.

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