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This territory located north of Europe has a large area that makes it the fifth largest country in the continent. Indicators such as the gradual growth of its GDP every year, its low unemployment rate and the stability of the crown show that the Swedish market is one of the strongest economies in Europe, a leader in information and high technologies. This makes it a community country with which to have stable business relationships.

BCN Euroexpress is responsible for offering a timely freight service with Sweden since it combines the best infrastructure, using the appropriate means and has an experienced staff.

Aspects of our freight transport with Sweden.

Advice operations with Sweden

In order to encourage commercial relations with European countries, we offer our clients the possibility to consult their questions.

Online tracking service and support

For a higher reliability and reassurance for the client, we track the good’s journey from start to finish.

Weekly frequency for shipments

Departures every Friday from the country of origin to reach the Scandinavian country in its main terminal.

Solid experience with our agents

The advice and years of our agents generates an added bonus of excellent value to perform any operation with Sweden being a guarantee of success

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