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Switzerland has always been a special country. Not only because of its demographic characteristics, but also because of the way to manage business relationships with its partners. Historically and today, it is still a country with a high level of openness to the exterior but at the same time, a protectionist in many measures.

The connection between Spain and Switzerland in the exchange of goods is usual. In addition, Switzerland has important agreements with the EU based on free-trade.

From BCN Euroexprees we offer daily departures, both in import and export, through a freight service with Switzerland. Also as specialists in ADR, we manage those materials that require special treatment.

With a central European position, at BCN Euroexpress we organise operations with two of its important terminals: Basel and Geneva.

Aspects of our freight transport with Switzerland.

Daily departures from Spain and Switzerland

We give the possibility to execute operations with Switzerland daily. Either export and import.

Advice for transportation and tracking

Our team with the German market gives the best advice for your merchandise as well as an exhaustive control.

Optimal transit-time

We offer a transit time of 24 hours with Geneva and 48 hours with Basel.

Knowedlge for local markets and reliable partners

The structure of roads in Switzerland make it important to contact the best partners in destination and, of course, ensure a good ground transportation service.

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